EU Parliament, “It’s a Farce… It’s a Democracy Illusion” | Christine Anderson MEP

Christine Anderson is one of the most outspoken members of the European Parliament and she doesn’t pull any punches in telling the hard truth. In this interview she lays bare how the EU Parliament really operates.

In fact the EU Parliament is largely ceremonial. As Christine Anderson explains, it cannot make a law but simply put forth petitions. So what function does it serve than and whom does it serve?

Is the purpose to provide people with the illusion of ‘democracy’ while unelected masters call all the shots from behind the scenes?

“Most people in government today, in high positions, they’re puppets.”

In situations like this, we need to be able to speak frankly, and Christine Anderson is one of the few MPs that has the courage to do so!

Growing up in Eastern Germany, Christine Anderson isn’t naive like many westerners about the illusion of benevolent political power. Once the state gains control of our lives, they don’t relinquish it easily.

What occurred the last three years, and continues to unfold, is the greatest political power grab in known human history. The global nature of what is happening is unique. As well the perpetrator’s use of deception as it’s primary weapon is unprecedented. Europe has been and continues to be one of the focal points of this new global policy of control.

Watch the 15 minute interview with Christine Anderson MP to find out where Europe is today!