Mel K: Unmasking The Globalist Elite Power Grab & How To Resist


“It is becoming very clear what is going on in America and in the the world and we the people are the answer. First and foremost I want to say to eh, it is really really sad that our worst enemy right now is the fake news media in the United States and around the world.

What you might not know is that all of these people pretty much belong to a couple of private clubs… The ones that run the show are part of something we’ll talk about later, the global public private partnership.

But I do want to say that they are failing, their credibility is gone and the ‘Mocking Bird Media’ is exposed and all the people, thank god we’re seeing all over social media that the intelligence have turned on us a long time ago but it’s time that we admit it, acknowledge it and we take action.

Bigger that that, we have somebody that I think is left out of the conversation too much, he’s not on this picture and unfortunately I hate to say this but we really have to pay attention to where this all started. I’m not that concerned with what’s going on now because we have a root to this problem that needs to be pulled and destroyed for good. And it’s very important that we understand how we got here.

There is a man who was behind bringing the fraud that is the United Nations, there is a man that’s behind the Council of Foreign Relations, The Tri-Lateral Commission, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Tech, in a lot of ways it was born out of that, he also was the architect of our education system that is destroying our children, he was behind the Medical Industrial Complex and Big Pharma, he was behind the manipulation of oil and gas and his name is DAVID ROCKEFELLER!”

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