The Gerson Therapy — Interview with Howard Straus. Learn from Marcus Freudenmann, creator of Cancer is Curable Now, and Howard Straus, from the Gerson institute, how to apply the Gerson Therapy

This 50 minutes interview with Howard Straus will help you expand your consciousness, inspire you to take your lifestyle choices more consciously and seriously, and become aware of your body’s incredible innate potential to heal when it comes to healing chronic diseases naturally, and protect its health, so long as we ourselves protect its abilities to heal and retain our health.

Howard is the grandson and biographer of Dr. Max Gerson and the son of Charlotte Gerson. He is an MIT Physics graduate, founded the Gerson Healing Center in Sedona, Arizona, and founded Cancer Research Wellness Institute, a non-profit educational agency. He lectures around the world about the Gerson Therapy and often appears on radio and Internet interviews.

Howard elaborates on how we destroy our own health through our detrimental lifestyle, the unconscious wrong choices we make on a daily basis, the myriads of toxic dangers that we all unconsciously choose to be exposed to, every single day of our lives, how our natural health suffers under all of this, the dangers of dental problems to our health, the dangers of smart meters and WiFi, how corporations like the FDA are working to ban all vitamins, minerals, nutrients, health supplements, enzymes, and all (Codex Alimentarius), the depopulation agenda, how all of this is by design, and of course on applying the Gerson Therapy, which is a natural, nutritional approach to restoring our innate natural immune systems, while treating and reversing chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and many more.

He shares about its successes, elaborates on why our health and natural healing are medically suppressed, and shares numerous pieces of wisdom in how we each can use its wisdom to heal or prevent today’s most debilitating diseases.

If someone you know is suffering from any chronic condition, such as cancer, diabetes, migraines or others, please help them and help raise awareness about this natural, non-invasive, time tested approach by sharing this information with them.

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