“We Are Just Now Moving To The Exponential Phase” Globalist WEF Klaus Schwab At The ‘WORLD GOVERNMENT’ SUMMIT!

Still think those who have been warning about the New World Order and the One World Government are Conspiracy Theorists?

They are not even hiding what they are doing any more and they haven’t been hiding it for a very long time!!!!

So, here is one of the prime activist Klaus Schwab at the WORLD GOVERNMENT SUMMIT who with his WEF (World Economic Forum) has been working and plotting the One World Government for a great many decades! He is also on video boasting “WE HAVE PENETRATED THE CABINETS” meaining that the WEF has their graduates of the so called ‘Young Gloabl Leaders’ in the cabinets western governments, examples he gave was France, Canada and New Zealand.

And if you do your research, you will find that Sunak is also a graduate of the WEF Young Global Leaders and he is clearly implementing the global agenda which includes moving over to digital IDs and programmable CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Programmable meaning that they will be able to control what you can and cannot spend your money on. This will also be linked to the so called Social Credit System. What they will have is total control over the ‘remaining’ world population.

If you still belive that the ministers in your governments are working for the people, then you are in for one hell of a shock over the coming years as they progress the evil plans they have for all of us.