Dr. Byram Bridle Calls Out Physicians Who ‘Destined Unvaxxed Grandma to Death’

“She died, she was allowed to die because she was denied a transplant here in Canada, this is the Canada that we live in, a country that we claim, once people looked at us as the place to come to, a country that we could be proud, everybody in the world wanted to come here because it was a grate place to live. Now we live in a place where we deny people transplants and destine them to death. Horrid, horrible deaths because they won’t take an experimental shot that doesn’t work and that its has way more dangers than any body is willing to admit to?

So, she was a mother of four, grand mother of two. She dies at 58 years of age, she died a horrible death, suffocating, slowly suffocating, alright, that’s just the reality, bluntly that’s the reality. Horrible death. She was denied a life saving transplant, and this is no exaggeration, and I’m telling you from experience, alright, a gag order was put on those who were involved in this trial, because the doctors did not want anybody to know who they were. And no wonder when you know this story! I was an expert witness who served in the first court case and THEY WOULD NOT RUE ON THE EVIDENCE, and that was part of the problem. Then it went to the court of appeal and again they wouldn’t listen to common sense that I’m going to share with you right now. And then the Supreme Court of Canada wouldn’t even consider it. This is what our court system is like, this is the country we’re supposed to be proud to be Canadians?

This is no exaggeration, you can see here, if you look at this last line, this is not a mis-statement, you’re reading it correctly. She was denied a life-saving transplant because she literally had demonstrable proof of robust immunity against SARS-COV-2, but unfortunately she did not get that immunity in the correct way that came by the result of a natural infection, and she lacked the piece of paper that certified two needles having gone into her shoulder. …. At this point there is a court order, as somebody who served as an expert witness I’m sworn to not be able to release the names of the physicians, OK. And I will honour that, I served the court, I take my services to the court seriously, I answered every question they asked me, I told the truth to everybody. But, I know who the physicians are, I know who you are and you know who you are. And shame on you! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TH DEATH OF THIS WOMAN AND YOU KNOW IT!” – Dr. Byram Bridle.