“The Mainstream Media Is Lying To You, The Mainstream Media is Misinforming You” – Mainstream Media Lies, Propaganda, Indoctrination Manipulation and Control – With Professor David Haskell

“Here is an undeniable fact. In Canada, mainstream media are currently receiving $600 million a year from the federal government and only those media who are deemed legitimate and respectable are able to get that funding. Well what does that mean to be legitimate and respectable? It means that you’re going to toe the line as to what the government says is respectable, is legitimate. Now, on top of that, in the beginning f the pandemic, in addition to the $600 million, another $60 million was given to undisclosed media outlets… They got it if they would agree to promote the government’s message.” These facts were discovered and disclosed by an independent media organization ‘Blackrocks Reporter’.

“You know, I think for our listeners, I know a small number of them, they might be shocked by the idea that the government and the media are not telling people the whole truth and they they have biases and that they have vested interests, right, so that’s a big shocker.”

“That wasn’t working any more, but through the more subtle and effective means of propaganda. The idea was to figure out ways to turn the public against the strikers, to present the strikers as disruptive, harmful to the public and against the common interest.” – Extract quoted from the book ‘Noam Chomsky Media Control’ around the Mohawk Valley Formula that was used to deal with strikes by using carefully crafted propaganda.