Former British Police Constable Mark Sexton Reports UK Government for Gross Negligent Manslaughter, Corporate Manslaughter, Fraud By False Representation, Misconduct In A Public Office And Other Serious Crimes Against the British People

From British Police Constable Mark Sexton 8th March 2024 provides evidence to Acton Police Station (London).

CRIME NUMBER 01/62447/24 issued at Acton police station London at 23.13 hours Friday 8th of March 2024 for Misconduct in Public Office, Misfeasance in Public Office, Gross Negligent Manslaughter, Corporate Manslaughter and Fraud by False Representation.

Allegations made against Sir Graham Brady MP, Dame June Raine, The MHRA, Pfizer and the U.K Government.

Video presenting evidence to Constable Thomas, also a shorter video of him issuing the crime number for the documented offences and naming the alleged offenders.

Metropolitan Police, now carry out your lawful duty and protect the public from harm, injury and death. This nightmare has to stop and it’s time to start arresting the criminals, all of them.

The V has to be withdrawn immediately.

“Ladies and Gents, please accept this for what it is, be respectful and understand how hard I’ve worked to get this done AGAIN. We all know about the system, but we are 27 months further down the line since the first crime report. They can’t whitewash this one because too many people know what’s going on and the excess deaths cannot be hidden or ignored any longer.” – Mark Sexton – Ex UK Policeman.

Other Reports Provided by Former British Police Constable Mark Sexton

Former British Police Constable Mark Sexton