Tackling The Health Misinformation Mess Through ‘REAL Evidence Based Medicine’ – “Double The Amount Of Drugs, About 15.6%, Were Found Ultimately To Be More Harmful Than Beneficial” Dr Aseem Malhotra – Cardiologist

Stockholm, 21st- 22nd January 2023

“Drug companies have no legal obligation to give you the best treatment, they are profit making businesses and that’s what they are legally required to do. The real scandals, however, we’ll come back to drug industry shortly, is that regulators fail to prevent misconduct by industry and that doctors, academic institutions and medical journals collude with industry for financial gain. What does that mean ultimately? It means that the system is so bad and so corrupted that honest doctors can no longer practice honest medicine.” – Dr Aseem Malhotra

“Most of the top 10 drug companies have been found guilty for committing fraud. Between 2009 and 2014 about $13 billion of fraud fines were committed by most of the top 10 drug companies for illegal marketing of drugs, misrepresentation of research results, sound familiar? And hiding data on harms, sounds familiar?” – Dr Aseem Malhotra