RFK Jr: The Only Thing We Can Do is Resist

This is the full, one-hour speech that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. delivered to students and faculty of Hillsdale College on March 5, 2023. It’s one of the most gripping and informative speeches he has made in recent memory, and one that EVERY American should take the time to watch. When you do, it will make you understand why it is that he is the ONLY one of the 2024 Presidential candidates who could possibly lead us out of this dark chapter of our country’s history, not the fake, Judas Goat reality TV actor, Donald J. Trump, who history proves, campaigned like a reformer and a Populist, but ruled like a Neo-con; a Neo-con who surrounded himself with other Neo-cons, while pretending that any of those “swamp creatures” could ever be expected to do anything at all to help him “drain the swamp” that they helped create. The only good People he ever had around him — people like Mike Flynn and Steve Bannon were pushed out of his Administration while he did little more than pretend to be outraged.

That was always the plan.

I have to be honest with you. I never recognized Trump for what he was until about two years into his Term, when I caught him patting himself on the back for killing the TPP deal while simultaneously signing the USCMA, which was just as bad for American sovereignty. I too drank the Trump Kool-Aid in 2015, and I even worked overtime in order to help get him elected, dedicating several hours of my time every day to his campaign, writing glowing vignettes about him, and putting eyes in front of that material at my busy AlaskasList.com Web site. Now, I feel like such a fool for having done so.

However, after watching Trump pretend to be hog-tied by the “swamp creature” bureaucrats in Washington, and claiming that was the reason he couldn’t “drain the swamp” for four years (like he promised he would throughout his campaign) when, in fact, he could have done anything he wanted to while he was President, and I do mean ANYTHING, I knew for sure then that he was a Judas Goat–just controlled opposition–opposition controlled by the same Edomite bankers who kept his real estate empire afloat when it was sinking back in the 90s. Especially, given the fact that Trump basically had the powers of an dictator under the provisions of the [unconstitutional] Emergency Powers Act, which he evoked on Friday, March 13, 2020, after some poduck professor at some poduck [Bill Gates-funded] college in England who was already notorious for churning-out FAKE computer models on demand, warned him that “2 million” Americans will die if he doesn’t lock America down like San Quinten.

Come on! If Trump is that naive and that easily misled, should he really be our pick for President?

Trump’s 2015 campaign and his Presidency was all an act, folks, just like everything else that man ever does in front of a camera. I will have to admit, however, that he’s a GREAT actor. In fact, he should have got the Emmy Award, not the Joseph Stalin wannabe, Andrew Cuomo. However, the one thing–the most important thing–that Trump DID NOT DO while he was President was fulfill his Sacred Duty under the Oath he took to “uphold and defend the Constitution for The United States of America.” All one needs to do is look at just how fast he allowed almost every Unalienable Right that we Americans are supposed to enjoy under our Constitution, except one (the Second Article of Amendment), to be violated with impunity [and at “Warp Speed”] during the fake COVID-19 Plandemic as evidence of that undeniable fact.

Nope. Trump is NOT an Oath Keeper. He’s an Oath Breaker, one who has zero integrity, as far as I’m concerned. Let’s not even talk about the man’s virtue. You definitely don’t want me to go there. However, that’s not nearly as important to me as integrity.

I think that someone with integrity is the best we Americans can ever hope for in a President of the United States. Why? Because we haven’t had a President who has actually had any integrity since RFK Jr’s Uncle, JFK was President (but was murdered by the CIA for that very reason). I don’t want a Puritanical President. Hell, JFK surely wasn’t a Puritan. I want someone who will, above all else, live up to his Oath of Office rather than someone like Donald Judas Goat Trump, or any other [sheep-dipped, CIA] pseudo-President you might point to since JFK. You know–Deep State puppets who just invent excuses like Trump did why he didn’t “faithfully execute the Office of President.” Lame ass excuses are unacceptable to me.

When Trump literally had unlimited power like he did in 2020 and 2021, he should have used that opportunity to clean-up the District of Criminals while we are all locked-down and out of his way. If he had done so, he would have been a hero. Instead, he vertically consolidated over 40% of all wealth in this country, [borrowing] over $6 Trillion on the People’s Credit Card, which caused the inflation we see today, and giving over 80% that money to the already uber wealthy banksters and businesses, while simultaneously destroying the lives and small businesses of millions of Americans. And what for? It was all for NOTHING. It was all just a giant, worldwide PSYOP and takeover operation by the Thirteen Families who own and/or control this broken and aching world. It was just another slave training lesson like the others we’ve been getting since 9/11, preparing us for what’s to come–a Fascist, Technocratically-controlled, one-world, government that will be administered by another one of the bankster’s other creations, the United Nations.

Arrrrgh! It all just makes me so mad.

Trump wouldn’t even put Hitlery in jail, nor any of the other Deep State traitors in D.C., for that matter. Not even one! My God! He even joked to a reporter during his Presidency about how he “didn’t really mean” all of that when he made those threats to “lock-up” Hitlery during his campaign debates with her. Wow! It really was all just an act, just like everything else that man does.

In my opinion, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has more integrity in the fingernail of his left pinky finger than Donald J. Trump does in his whole body. And that’s why I will support RFK Jr. for President of the United States of America, even though that means I will have to hold my nose [very tightly], and temporarily change my party affiliation to Democrat. That way I can vote for him in the Democratic Primaries. I hope you’ll do the same. We in the Freedom Movement can’t allow Obiden to get the nomination again. We know they will steal the election (again).

You’re not one of those folks who believes that Obiden is the most popular President ever elected in U.S. history. Are you? I hope not. Because either that’s true, and he did receive over 81,000,000 votes, or the 2020 Presidential Election was a total fraud. There’s no other possible explanation why Obiden sits in the Oval Office right now than those two.

Vote for whomever you want in the General Election. But don’t let Obiden get the Democratic Party nomination again. The only way we’re ever going to make sure that doesn’t happen is by signing-up as a “D” voter and voting for RFK Jr. in the Democratic primaries. The Democrats have been using this method to drown-out votes for Populist candidates on the Republican side of the aisle (great men like Ron Paul, for instance) for decades now. So, it’s time for us to return the favor. “Anyone but Barrack Hussein Obiden” should be our rallying cry.

Listen to what RFK Jr. has to say during this great speech, and tell me that I’m wrong about him. Tell me that he’s not the real deal. He covers a great deal of [truth] information that most of the people in this nation are completely unaware of. The man isn’t afraid to call BS wherever he smells it. Nor is he afraid to clean it up either. After he lays out MANY of the things that you need to know about the criminal, illegitimate government that currently lords over us in the District of Criminals, he sums it all up nicely when he says “the only thing we can do is resist.” And that’s exactly what I intend to continue doing, just like I have been for over thirty years now, and so should you.

Just say “NO!” for a change.

The above text was taken from the following Rumble channel: FreedomMovement.info