Speaking of COVID 19 ‘mRNA’ Vaccine Shedding: “Absolutely We’re Getting Shed On” – Dr. Christine Northrup

“What they did in the original Pfizer document, in the clinical trials, hu, what a joke, clinical trials, they told pregnant women, if someone’s just had the shot and they touch you that’s reportable. Now they’re injecting pregnant women with the shot, this is insanity. Yet we knew that you shouldn’t even be touching a pregnant woman if you were in the Pfizer trials.

It’s evil at a level that is beyond the average person’s ability to be conceivable, it’s that dark, it’s that evil. And this is the biggest problem that I would say for people and that is cognitive dissodance, your inability to believe that it is as horrible as it is.” – Dr. Christine Northrup OB-GYN

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