February 2021: BBC Panorama ‘The Disinformation War’ – Oracle Films Response

The following response was taken from the Oracle Rumble Page:

Our Response to the BBC and their Conflicted Propaganda Mouthpieces: A Throwback to February 2021.

Back in December 2020 – the week that the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ rollout began in the UK – Oracle Films released a video called Ask the Experts, which was produced in collaboration with CoviLeaks (https://covileaks.co.uk/). It brought together the professional opinions of more than 30 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, journalists and scientists from across the world regarding the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 injections.

The film was a concerted counterpoint to what we felt was a distinct absence of alternative opinion, true scientific debate, and therefore informed consent being provided by legacy media at the time.

In essence, it was a desperate appeal to anybody within its reach to apply the precautionary principle.

Every single person involved made a statement on behalf of themselves – not as a collective. In fact, many firmly disagreed with one another on various issues.

The film subsequently went pretty well viral, and resulted in the BBC creating a Panorama episode in February 2021 entitled “Vaccines:

The Disinformation War (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000srw9)” in which they heavily criticised the film, its participants and Oracle Films. The BBC’s Marianna Spring even went so far as to boast on air about having Oracle Films’ PayPal account shut down in response to the film.

We stand by our decision to offer a platform to medical professionals during this time period. These were the men and women putting their heads firmly above the parapet at great personal risk to their reputations and their livelihoods at a time when very few others were so willing or courageous. And we will forever have the utmost respect for all those that participated. Many have also since been vindicated as new evidence and data has continued to emerge.