“What Are They Hiding Exactly?” On January 11th, The Chinese Government Released A Segment of the DNA Data (of the Virus) And 3 Days Later Pfizer Already Started The Tests Of The Vaccine. How Is That Possible?” – Cristian Terhes MEP

Speaking of Moderna: “They submitted Trials since 2017, so I’m re-stating the question, how is it possible that when we found out in … December, you know the winter 2019 about this virus, they submitted test of their vaccines years before we found out about the virus. And I’m still asking the question now. How is that possible?”

The full briefing can be seen below.

Speakers Include:
00:00 – MEP Cristian Terheș
00:48 – MEP Francesca Donato (Italy)
04:38 – MEP Cristian Terhes (Romania)
12:56 – MEP Virginie Jeron (France)
15:01 – MEP Sylvia Limmer (Germany)
18:26 – MEP Ivan Sincic (Croatia)
22:41 – MEP Christine Anderson (Germany)