The Creation Of The Birth Certificate – “This Will Inevitably Reap Us Huge Profits Beyond Our Wildest Of Expectations And Leave Every American A Contributor To This Fraud … And In This Manner …” – Edward Mendell House To Woodrow Wilson – US President 1931 – 1921

The Creation of the Birth Certificate Trust.

The security number or national insurance number is essentially a bar code for us humans. They have made us their product through legislation. Making us their legal slaves. Slavery never went away. They just became much more subtle and clever about it. What is the best way to make a people your slaves without any revolt or rebellion? Enslave them in a way that they’re not even aware of their own slavery.

How to make a people submit to you? Give them what they want in abundance and make them dependent on you. After so many generations we’re none the wiser and have no awareness at all of the chains and shackles we are in. They went from physical slavery in chains to making us slaves in our minds.

The above text (with a few minor grammatical edits) was taken from the following Rumble channel: OP Freedom

The spoken words in the video clip was taken from chapter two of the book: ‘Fruit From A Poisonous Tree’ by Melvin Stamper