UK NHS Hospital Attempted to Detain Whistle Blower John O’Looney Against His Will

UK Funeral Directory and Whistle Blower John Looney was admitted to hospital reportedly with COVID and the hospital apparently attempted to detain him against his will. The hospital wanted to treat him with Remdesivir which is a very expensive drug which appears to be a highly inappropriate treatment which has been cited to caused acute renal failure.

There are reports around the globe of hospitals refusing to administer known cheap and effective treatments such as Ivermectin. It appears that the hospitals have instead been mandated to administer Remdesivir which is implicated in causing serious kidney disorders which has reportedly lead to many deaths.

Fortunately John O’Looney was well aware of this so he refused to accept that treatment. John had apparently made a post on his Instagram which prompted a team of colleagues to gather together (one driving for 400 miles to the hospital) and managed rescue him from the care of the hospital.

kidney being used