Brief Interview Clip with Dr Robert Malone

Dr Robert Malone is an American scientist, virologist and immunologist who invented the mRNA Vaccine Technology.

“You don’t have to be afraid, there are treatments when administered early that can keep you out of the hospital that can keep you from dying”.

“And it’s consistent with the testimony that was given even during this FDA meeting where it was noted that except for those at very high risk, your risk in general of severe adverse events even without the vaccine is infinitesimal, it is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent.”

Notice that Dr Malone also talked about the co-ordinated global push by the mainstream media to attacked scientist, doctors and other experts every time they speak out! They experience false fact checks and are being denigrated, gas-lighted and assertions being made and claims about their professionalism etc. This, by the way, has been going on for a great many decades where if any scientist of doctor would dare to speak out against Big Pharma, a well oiled machinery would kick into high gear to smear and try to discredit them. Yet we have Big Pharma being fine $millions (and even $billions) for their criminal and unethical activities.