“We Had a Zero Mortality Rate With Over 1700 Positive Patients. If the Medical Board Wants to Take My License For Using a Proven Drug That Works, Then I’m Sure There’s a Lawyer Out There Who’ll Defend Me. But I’m Not Going to Let My Patients Die, Over Politics! I’m Just Not Going To Allow That!” – Dr. Brian Tyson – Frontline Doctor Who Successfully Treated 1,700 Covid Patients with Hydroxychloroquine with Zero Deaths

“We’ve tested over 16,000 patients, we’ve had about 1700 positive patients that we’ve treated, and as we went through it, we treated people with Hydroxychloroquine, zinc and either Zithromax or Doxycycline depending on their risk factors for developing cardiac arrhythmia. We sent one patient to the hospital for four days and we had a zero mortality rate with over 1700 positive patients.”

“If the medical board wants to take my license for using a proven drug that works, then I’m sure there’s a lawyer out there who’ll defend me. But I’m not going to let my patients die, over politics. I’m just not going to allow that.”

Interviewer’s Question: “People say that we should wait for a vaccine, even with a vaccine, the flu still kills 60,000 people a year. So what are your thoughts on that regarding waiting for a vaccine for Coronavirus?”

Dr. Tyson’s Reply: “We don’t need a vaccine! We don’t need a vaccine. If you look at the population, if you have a 99.97% chance of survival, what do you need a vaccine for?”

“It was supposed to be ‘2 week slow the curve’, you know, turned into a 6 month complete lock-down, but THERE’S NO SCIENCE BASE BEHIND THAT! Nobody can live in lock-down forever, you know, it’s not health for anyone! We don’t want government controlling our lives. We want the ability to speak for ourselves, choose for ourselves, have a right to try a medication if we feel that it’s useful.”

“Listen to the doctors on the front line who are making these decisions, who are treating these patients and say, hey, this works. Well if that works, then let us use it. Not the opposite of somebody who’s not on the front line, telling us what we need to be doing.”