Veronica Wolski’s Power of Attorney Speaks Out After Suspected Unlawful Killing

Veronica Wolski was a well-known Chicago freedom fighter, most recognized for her work on “The People’s Bridge” over the Kennedy Expressway.

Wolski was died after being refused proper COVID treatment, and her power of attorney spoke out on “The Stew Peters Show”.

According to Veronica’s Power of Attorney (POA), Nancy, the hospital apparently refused to allow Veronica to be administered with Ivermectin, which she herself apparently had at home. And although a sympathetic doctr agreed to administer Ivermectin, the hospital apparenty stepped in and blocked it. Veronica was apparently administered Remdesivir, an expensive drug which is reported to be disastrously killing patients in hospital.

Remdesivir appears to be part of a regime recommended by the WHO for which most hospitals appears to be following. It appears that Veronica did not want to be administered with Remdesivir as she was apparently aware of the dangers.

The WHO guideline appears to include the refusal to administer Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, both of which has been found to be efficaciuos in the early treatment of COVID-19.

The hospital apparently chose to refuse Veronica’s request to be released from the hospital and reportedly refused to release Veronica into the care of her POA (Nancy), who had arranged an ambulance with a medical doctor willing to take care of her.

Like many other such stories we hear about, needless to say that Veronica died likely due to inappropriate treatment by the hospital.