The WHO Pandemic Treaty: “This Pandemic Treaty Is The Greatest Power Grab Any Of Us Has Seen In Our Lifetime” – 194 Countries Are About to Lose Their National Sovereignty! – Neil Oliver GB News

“Anyone remember voting for the World Health Organization to take control of our lives? No? Me neither, and yet here we are tethering on the brink of joining most of the countries of the world on surrendering our national sovereignty under the terms of a new Pandemic Treaty.”

Once British Ink is dry on the necessary paperwork, we and most of the rest of the billions living on planet earth will in the event of another pandemic, take our instructions not from politicians we actually voted for and could, hypothetically at least, have the option of getting rid of, but from faceless bureaucrats of the WHO.

This is no conspiracy theory by the way, no tin hats required, this real and happening now. And a whole lot of people would rather you weren’t paying attention.

The WHO is fabulously wealthy offshoot of the United Nations. It has it’s head office in Geneva and is presently headed by Ethiopian born Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. now much about him? No? Neither me! He and it are funded by 194 member states and also by donations by private entities. As things stand, most of it’s money comes from the United States of America, from Communist China and from computer salesman and international man of mystery Bill Gates.

Let us remember that from the past 2 years the WHO has loudly celebrated the approach taken by China to the handling of COVID-19. Even now as tens and perhaps hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens remain locked in their homes in scores of cities across that country. And after unknown numbers have died in those circumstances, including some who’ve committed suicide by leaping to their deaths from the tower block imprisonment, the WHO continues to applaud the tactics of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that is it’s benefactor.

For his own part, Bill Gates who struggles even to control viruses in the software sold by Microsoft, is on record admiring the draconian approach taken by Australia to the extend that he has said that in his opinion, the world would have more success in eliminating the disease, the one that has more than likely leaked from a lab in China, if only more nations had followed the Australian model, locked everyone down and sought for zero COVID.

Now, we in Great Britain, without so much as a by-your-leave from our leaders, and along with around 95% of the world’s population, must contemplate a future in which decisions about what we will be ORDERED, ORDERED, to do in the face of another pandemic, will be taken by the un-elected, un-accountable bureaucrats of the Chinese Communist Party worshiping WHO under the unseemly influence of a tech billionaire with no more qualifications in the field of medicine and disease control than I have.

It’s worth remembering that President Donald Trump insisted on divorce from the WHO, on the grounds that it was too close to China, only for President Biden to re-marry them again in 2021. All of that is history however, in a matter of days the World Health Assembly will meet in Geneva for a vote on the Treaty. The target date for final ratification is in May 2024, but by then the POWER GRAB, will have been competed.

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