“I Had Families Coming In Really Upset Because Their Loves Ones Had Died From Cancer And Yet They Were Being Put Down As A COVID Death … Even One Guy That Was Run Over … They Were All Being Put Down As A COVID Death” – The ‘Corona Investigative Committee’ Interviews UK Funeral Director John O’Looney

November 2021

UK funeral director John O’Looney joins Dr Reiner Fuellmich, Viviane Fischer and Dr Wolfgang Wodarg to discuss his experiences working within his profession during the “pandemic”.

John states that he is in touch with a great many other funeral directors and that there were no excess deaths during 2020. The death toll spiked following the roll-out of the vaccinations.

In another interview, the below were the words of funeral director John O’Looney:
“There Was No Increased Death Rate But We Were Seeing Deceased That Were Deliberately Labelled With COVID But There Wasn’t Any Increase In Numbers At All, And That Was Across The Board … On The 6th They Began Vaccinating And The Death Rate Was Extraordinary … And It Began Exactly When They Started Putting Needles In Arms!” – John O’Looney – Funeral Director, Milton Keynes

That full interview can be seen HERE.