Nikki’s Battle With Moderna Vaxine Injury – Hospitalised 6 days following her 2nd Injection. Here’s her story

Hello, My name is Nikki and I am a mother of 3 wonderful kids.  I am a Physical Therapist who was working full time prior to these medical problems but now am unable to work.  Prior to this my hobbies included the random crafting, exercising and running but mostly my spare time was spent at my kids ballgames and school events. I do have long standing asthma but it has been very well controlled the past 6 years and was only having to use inhaler maybe a couple times of year when I was running further distances.  Life was going great until Feb 2021….

After my 2nd Moderna vaccine 2/12/21, less than 36hrs post V I had nausea and GI issues and then breathing trouble started and progressed over the next couple of days and led to hospitalization5 days post V.  Exactly a week post V secondary to hypoxia from respiratory failure I was placed on the ventilator for the first time.   This was the first of 5 times on the vent, 4 life flights, 6 different hospitals in 2 different states, 1 inpatient rehab facility for a month, Outpatient and home health PT/OT/SLP, Outpatient Pulmonary Rehab, 2 surgeries including tracheostomy and implanting suprapubic catheter, placement of feeding tube for a month, ongoing monitoring of 5 different specialists and my Primary, multiple tests/imaging, and multiple medications… and yet still a year later no huge improvement and more questions than answers. 

During this time I went from 3 meds to 24 medications, from walking/ jogging and working out to only able to walk short distances with a crutch and requiring wheelchair for longer distances and requiring supplemental oxygen and a tracheostomy to breathe, being an active mom of 3 to struggling to find enough energy to get up and do normal daily care, from working full time as a Physical Therapist to now unable to work, going from having previous diagnoses of mild intermittent controlled asthma, Mild HTN, and occasional migraines to…. now post V having added all the following diagnoses: Respiratory Failure with hypoxia, Severe/moderate restrictive lung disease, Severe Persistent Asthma, idiopathic laryngospasms, vocal cord dysfunction, gastroparesis and needing a feeding tube at one point, GERD, GI bleed, Blood clots, Bacterial Pneumonia, Sepsis, Unspecified Neurological Disorder, neurogenic bladder requiring suprapubic catheter placement, muscle weakness, Ataxia, Hyperreflexia, Gait Abnormality, spasms, acute and chronic pain, critical myopathy, and Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.  I have been getting passed from doctor to doctor with no real answers just treating the symptoms with bandaids until the next big thing pops up. 

Last year my medical bills added up to more than 1 million dollars billed to insurance (thankfully my job allowed me to remain on my insurance and pay my premiums while on ADA/FMLA/ leave of absence) But as we know insurance only covers a portion.  So between what was not covered and billed to me/ medical equipment/ medical supplies this added up to thousands owed in debt, not to mention the money invested in travel to and from my doctors which are over 2hrs away.   This was just last year and those expenses still continue with new care and new medical expenses with a large deductible/ out of pocket starting over for the new year.   I’m currently trying to save up enough money obtain a light weight/ custom wheelchair as mine is too heavy and did not provide the support I needed.  I need a portable oxygen concentrator so I don’t have to haul large and heavy O2 tanks around. I know this one might sound a little crazy and you may question why… I need to pave our driveway and create a loop closer to the house.  I need to be able to come closer to the house to gain easier and safer access to my home as I am unable to walk that far especially on uneven ground.  When it rains and we’re unable to drive through the yard to get closer, I have fallen a few times, thankfully no major injuries, and by the time I get in I’m so exhausted I have to sit down immediately and rest because of the further distance.  

I also want to become more active and help raise awareness to vaccine injury and speak out about the need to stop mandates because of these injuries and show people to have a choice and protect their jobs if they decide not to risk negate of adverse tactics like this that are possible.   However, this too has financial implications for travel to in person events/ gatherings/legislation meetings/etc, and that seems to be a huge barrier with all these other medical expenses.  I’ve been blessed to be able to pay monthly bills through some savings and my previous work benefits but all these medical and other expenses are becoming overwhelming and undoable as they pile up. This has left me in a very uncertain financial situation as time progresses.  I have not asked for financial help and have actually refused a couple offers to raise money for me as I felt guilty that someone else may need more than me since I was blessed to have insurance and some work benefit assistance, but I’ve come to the realization that I do need help and so many are wanting to help.  So it’s time to graciously accept help and humble my pride.  That is why I’m just now creating this funding page.

A year ago I had no idea how much my life would change medically, physically, socially, emotionally, and financially… one shot, one decision to do what I thought was doing my part as a healthcare provider, was the one event that would forever change my life and set forth a cascade of medical and life events that I and my family are still having to deal with.

I just want the SAME medical support and effort to figure out what is going on in my body, AS THE SAME amount of effort, financial, and social backing that was put into the support and promotion of the one thing that caused it!  But we all know that through the current political storm/controversial issues surrounding this/ protected big pharma and big money to be gained, I can’t go after compensation and the help I need through those lines.  

So here I am here laying it all on the table and asking for those that want to help me and help me fight this fight for health and also to be able to help me take part in this fight and to be heard and stop the mandates and being awareness to this, then this is my foundation and platform where I must reluctantly start and put my pride aside and ask… for your help!  ❤  #Realnotrare #IWantToBeHeard