Mom Suffered Serious Vaccine Injury during AstraZeneca Trial – Her Case Was Omitted From the Trial Data

In this interview with LifeSite’s Jim Hale, a young mother Brianne Driessen makes a passionate appeal for true informed consent and help for the thousands of fellow victims of the COVID jab.

Brianne, gladly signed up for the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine trial and just one hour after the first injection on November 4th, 2020, she started to experience severe adverse reactions including blurred and double vision, distorted hearing and electric shock type tingling down her arm. The following morning when she got up, her left leg was slumped… She later experienced extreme sensitivity to light, sound as well as to her teeth and skin…

Brianne states that her injuries were not being properly tracked and that she was omitted from the clinical trial data. And despite AstraZeneca claiming that they diligently follow up all serious adverse events for 720 days, she was only followed up for 60 days! Brianne also states that although the vaccine trial contract states that medical bills would be covered for any injuries resulting from the vaccine, she has gone through masses of medical bills and has only received $590 from AstraZeneca.