Doctors Targeted by Gov Counter Disinformatin Unit (CDU)! – “There Were 2 Teams … In Daily Contact With The CDU, So They Said, to Absolutely CRUSH Any Dissent and Any Disinformation” – Dr. Rosamond Jones

Dr. John Campbell interviews Dr. Ross Jones.

“One of the cardiologist there, they did a study very early on in March/April 2020, everybody coming in with COVID was getting their vitamin D levels measured. And they then looked at what happened to people by their vitamin D level and whether they landed up just staying on the ward and going hoe or whether they landed up needing Oxygen or going into intensive care or dying. And there was a very clear relationship, the lower your vitamin D the worse you did! And the people with vitamin D levels over about 50 ng/mil were fine and there hasn’t been deaths with people with high vitamin D level.

Now why did our local authority then not go rushing out to sort of push this? It’s cheap as anything, you could buy a 180, you know, tablets three months supply in a supermarket for less than you could go buy a cappuccino in a coffee shop! But we never have pushed it and the NICE guidance even now still has the dose, which I was taught as a medical student for bone health for stopping you get rickets. But it doesn’t have the proper dose which we now know is related to immune function.” – Dr. Rosamond Jones.

Dr Ros Jones is a retired consultant pediatrician who came to the attention of the Counter Disinformation Unit set up by the British government. In this video Dr Jones describes her (very early) concerns about new medical interventions, and how this led to her being reported.

Open letter to Dr. Ros Jones