What is Your Strawman? The Slavery of Our Time by UCC Law Expert Bibi Bacchus

It is quite amazing what fraud is being done to billions of people all over the world.” – Bibi Bacchus

UCC (Uniform Contract Code) Law is the highest expression of law as it is commonly manifested in the world.

This conversation between Sasha Stone and Bibi Bacchus will begin to open your eyes to the level of fraud that is being committed against us!

Sentenced to 8 years in prison for a crime manufactured to entrap her – Bibi Bacchus did not roll over and die, as expected by corrupt police and judiciary. Instead she used the time to study and arm herself with the knowledge of how they were able to do this to her and a whole lot more!

She studied the Universal Contract Code, the highest expression of international law, and came out of incarceration knowing exactly how the rigged system is committing fraud and treason against 7 billion souls on earth.

Bibi’s expertise allowed her to become senior faculty advisor for the New Earth University (an online University) where she was able to depart some of her knowledge to the University students. More information can be found at: https://newearth.university/courses/ucc-how-to-own-your-strawman/