An Important Lesson on ‘Common Law’ and ‘True Democracy’ – These Facts Has been Hidden From Us!

Magna Carta 1215 – The Power Lies with We The People.

Common Law Was Created to Protect the Common People of this Land.

Under Common Law, the rules surrounding COVID-19 are Unlawful and Unenforceable!

Our Freedoms are being taken from us!

Under Common Law you quite literally own your rights, they are your property and no person or group has the right to take your property without your authorisation. These rights are being taken from us through deception!

We the people created the government, the courts and the police force. We the people over-stand those service corporations. They were created to serve we the people but they have been usurped through deception and corruption.

We can take these rights back if enough people know their rights and are aware of the deception that has been taking place over hundreds of years.

Please watch this short video for more information!