Why Are So Many Young People Dying? – New Term ‘SADS’ Invented following The Global Vaccine Roll-Out! – Del Bigtree of ‘The HighWire’ Briefly Delves Into This Issue

So many previously healthy people are now dying suddenly following the COVID Injections! And so many reports of people dying unexpectedly in their sleep! Sounds rather similar to SIDS, doesn’t it? Quite fittingly they are now calling this SADS, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome!

The Cabal are now trying to normalize this and are coming up with stories to try to cover up what for some is the obvious cause of the mounting levels of sudden deaths following the global roll-out of the experimenta COVID mRNA Injections.

Isn’t it strange how this whole so called pandemic all started with the media showing videos and pictures of people they claimed was dropping dead in Wuhan! The funny thing is that in reality, there were no real such deaths (they were clearly crisis actors as evidenced by the actor putting his hand out to break his fall when he was supposed to have been dead)!

Now, following the global injection roll-out we are seeing an epidemic of people suddenly dropping dead of dying unexpectedly thin their sleep! The media claims doctors are puzzled, I put it that only the brainwashed Allopathic doctors will be puzzled by this new reality! It is pretty clear to those of us who are the awake what is going on!

The strange thing also is that it is widely reported among the awake scientists and doctors that clinical trials which had reportedly taken place over years with animals (rats) and mRNS injections, the animals all eventually died, especially when faced with a subsequent coronavirus! This kind of begs the questions as to whether the eventual outcome was expected well before the planned roll-out of the global injection campaign.