Nurse working for a large florida hospital: “It’s About Time That This Whole Corrupted Stinking System is Brought Down… I’m really hating my Job Right Now, I Can’t Stand This Corruption Any More”

“I work for a large Hospital System in Broward County, Florida, the Anaesthesia Team. Last night the house manager came to my department and told us that we must prepare for a COVID crisis that’s going to start next week! And the hospital will be taking part of our recovery unit, anaesthesia recovery unit to house COVID patients, and that we cannot allow surgical patients families to come visit them, which we do pre and post surgery, pre and post anaesthesia, and I looked at her, and I said, how do you know you’re going to need our rooms? And how do you know there’s going to be a crisis next week? She tilted down her glasses, she looked at me, and she said, you know what’s going on by now! And I said, yeah, I do. And everyone else just went Oooh, here we go again and shrugged their shoulders. Does anyone else find this really strange besides me?

It’s about time that this whole corrupted stinking system is brought down, seriously. I’m really hating my job right now, I can’t stand this corruption any more, please share.”