EXPOSED! ‘SECRETS of The United Nations’ – A Report By ICIC (International Crimes Investigative Committee) & Stop World Control

1 February, 2023
The storm has erupted worldwide! Millions worldwide are discovering the truth, as the film “SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS” is being sent around the earth in seven languages.

The United Nations are currently rolling out Agenda 2030, with the notorious “sustainability goals”. This worldwide project, which has been many decades in planning, aims to completely transform every aspect of human existence: food, sexuality, family, work, finance, health, education, everything!

This will supposedly put an end to poverty, hunger, inequality, sickness, and other bad things. However, a former executive director who worked at the UN for two decades, tells a different story! In this documentary he explains that the UN is controlled by a group of high prrofile criminals who are using the UK and Agenda 2030 to enrich themselves and to enslave humanity.

A network of retired police officers and detectives who fight child trafficking in Europe told they have received the film in five languages, from their international connections. They said: “This film is doing a world marathon!” The founder of Doctors for Freedom in Europe messaged, offering his help. It is being shared among networks of business leaders, and politicians in the Netherlands promised to watch it. And so on, and so on.

We must have the mentality of a warrior. Don’t hit the dragon once. Don’t hit it twice. Keep hitting the monster of deception, until it crumbles. That’s the way to do it: go to accounts of influential people and post the link to the film as a comment. That way it can reach thousands of people in a few minutes. Post it as a comment under the posts of presidents, ministers, celebrities, media personalities, etc.

What if this film would indeed be the spark that ignites a wildfire of consciousness among high level people, who then become instrumental in preventing the UN from becoming a world government?

That’s what the truth can do, and it will happen!

May we all be part of the greatest transformation of all time.

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