Update From The Frontlines Of The Maui Fires (Dr. Robert Malone, Bruce Douglas, Paul Deslauriers)

Multiple separate fires, Bungled single party (D) government responses, yet more Corporate Media lies about weather

Dr. Robert Malone
August 18, 2023

Today’s usual Friday fare is being delayed until noon, so that I can bring you a video that I recorded last evening with frontline community workers and scientists in Maui. These heroes have some alternative views\points which are worth considering.

They also have first hand evidence that the government is censoring the discussion/video on the fire aftermath as well as censoring news on happening on the ground now. There is no question that a media brownout is currently occurring, as described in the video.

There are still over 1300 people known missing, and this does not include so many for whom location data is unknown. So, we may never know the true number of dead. So, this is truly a disaster of epic proportions. The mysteries and scandals surrounding this horrific fire must not be ignored. It is up to alternative media to report on news about this fire and to do what we can to ensure survivors are taken care of.

The local group that Bruce speaks in the video above of is called Hungry Heroes of Hawaii. They are a grassroots community initiative redefining hunger, started during the COVID-19 lockdowns (which devastated Hawaii’s economy), and continued since. Now Hungry Heroes Hawaii is engaged in a full response to the Maui fire tragedy. This is a local group that knows where people need help the most.

The above text was taken from the following Rumble channel: Sunfellow On COVID-19