“Don’t Recommend Things For Women In Pregnancy Unless They Are Clearly Shown to Be Save After Long Term Study” – Dr Robert Malone – Inventor of the mRNA Technology Speaking on Real America News

To the question as to why I should get the vaccine if I’ve already had COVID, Dr Malone answered was:

“The reason why you wouldn’t is because you’ve had that prior infection your risk with the vaccine is actually substantially higher than somebody who’d not been infected. The data is also quite clear, and I can attest to that, after I took Moderna, on my second jab my systolic blood pressure went to 230, that’s life threatening. And it’s a fairly common adverse event, heart arrhythmia is another one, there are many.

When you have a lot of those anti-bodies and you get a bit load of proteins from the jab, you get something called immune complexes formation, that is not a good thing in so many ways. So there’s over 120 studies that clearly document that natural immunity is more effective than the jab is in preventing disease and severe disease. They’re both protected in up to delta variant, we don’t know about Omnicron, early data out of South Africa is suggesting that actually even the natural immune have risk for re-infecting with Omnicron.

The good news is, let’s stop the fear porn, the good news is that Omnicron is less severe.”