Think ‘Covid19’ Was Bad? Wait For The ‘WHO Treaty’ 48 Hrs To Comply With ‘WHO’s Dr. ‘Tedros’

Dr. ‘Robert Malone’ “If you think ‘Covid19’ Was Bad? Wait For The ‘WHO Pandemic Treaty’ 48 hours to comply with Dr. Tedros'”

March. 17, 2023. ‘Who Pandemic Treaty’ ‘Covid19’ Medical & Geopolitical News. Dr. ‘Robert Malone’ Talks To ‘Steve Bannon’ About The Coming ‘WHO Treaty’ On ‘The War Room Pandemic’. & Isn’t it funny that Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus refuses vaccines. UN leader refuses to get jabbed but doesn’t mind telling the world Vaccines are good for you but not for the elites….