“I Don’t Know Why The Lies Continue, I See It Every Single Day! This Whole Story About 90% Un-Vaccinated Cases, NO! … Don’t Believe The Lies, Don’t Believe The Media, It’s All Bullshit” – Florida Nurse Whistle Blower on Protest March

“I See it Every Single Day … Just This Past Week, Three Fully Vaccinated Individuals Diseased, Clots Left and Right, Pulmonary Embolus, on Blood Thinners, And This is Ever Since They Got Vaccinated”.

“I had a 30 year old woman who started bleeding basically, hemorrhaging ever since she got injected, literally within the 48 hours [car horn hooting in support]. This poor woman is a mother of two, em, like I said 30 years old and she was fully vaccinated and regrets it deeply … and she is now inter-bated in critical condition fighting for her life, potentially about to leave her children motherless and of course she regrets 1000% being injected and se acknowledges this, so did her physician.”

“So, I don’t know why the lies continue, I see it every single day. This whole story about 90% un-vaccinated cases, NO! I can tell you I’ve been in the critical line for the last year and 8 months, or however long it’s been, too long, and that is a complete lie! I’ve seen nothing but vaccinated individuals, un-vaccinated as well, but don’t believe the lies, don’t believe the media, it’s all bullshit.”

Interviewer: “You work in the ICU, right?”

Nurse’s reply: “I have worked in the ICU, I am on a unit that is strictly COVID patients at this point.”

Interviewer: “So the media is lying, how about that.”

Nurse: “The whole time, the entire time.”