VAERS – COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Reporting System (USA)

VAERS is a voluntary reporting system that was put in place by the U.S. Government in 1990. It allows healthcare works as well as the general public to report vaccine injuries following the administration of a vaccine.

VAERS is however little know both among healthcare workers and the public. So, not unsurprisingly it is widely estimated that less than 1% of actual vaccine injuries are reported. (See the Lazarus Report). This means that you will likely get a more accurate figure by adding two zeros to any of the figures shown.

VAERS is actually quite complex to use and to obtain the data you might be looking for. It really isn’t a very user friendly system to use (perhaps deliberately so).

OpenVAERS Project is built from the HHS data available for download at

The OpenVAERS Project allows you to browse and search through the VAERS database in a much simpler way without the need to compose an advanced search (more advanced searches can be done at or

Whilst you likely have been told that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, the reports you’ll see on the VAERS system tells an altogether different story! This is especially true if you remember to add the two zeros to the numbers you are seeing.

For example, looking at the number of reported COVID-19 vaccine deaths to December 02nd, 2022 of 32,621, based n the estimated less than 1% of injuries being reported, adding two zeros may provide a closer representation of the true number of COVID-19 vaccine deaths of 3,262,100! And the total number of reported injuries of 1,476,227 becomes 147,622,700!

Keeping Up to Date

Please be aware that the numbers shown in the screenshot image at the head of this post and within the post may not be the latest reported figures. The image is updated from time to time but you can see the latest figures by going directly to the OpenVAERS site as well as the VAERS website.

Further reports can be seen in the image below (as at 02 December 2022).