COVID-19 Jabs And Excess Deaths – Andrew Bridgen UK MP Addresses Parliament To A Disgraceful Empty Chamber

UK MP Andrew Bridgen has been championing support for the vaccine injured and has been trying his best to bring attention to, in some cases, the tragic injuries and deaths which has been occurring following the COVID-19 jabs. Unfortunately, every step of the way he has been gas-lighted by a complicit government. It is also becoming increasingly clear that MPs themselves are being manipulated by the establishment.

Those MP should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. They are there to represent their constituents but it s very clear that they are absolutely not doing so.

Nevertheless, Andrew has been ahrtened by the wave of support he has been reciving from the public, may of whom have been injured or are aware of injuring that have been occurring.

Andre Bridgen himself in an interview with Dominique Samuels has stated that he had been offerd a bribe by an adviser representative from number 10 in order to shut him up. As a man of integrity however, her refused and has continued to try to do what he can to bring awareness to the harms the COVID-19 so called vaccines have been causing.

Andrew Bridgen even went on as far as to say:

“It’s clear that western countries has the best politicians that money can buy!”

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