“Things We Were Not Told About The Vaccines Back In 2021!!! … They Knew That Natural Immunity Was Producing Antibodies in 100% Of Subjects!!!” – Dr. John Campbell

Reading through a part redacted Evaluation Report from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), the authorising body of Australia dated January 2021…

This document was only released as the result of a Freedom of Information Request!!!

“Why was the authorities esentially silent on natural immunity and shall we say somewhat vocal on vaccination? Surely it would have been good to have natural immunity as well, especially as this study shows how incredibly effective it was!” – Dr. John Campbell

Analysing the document data and speaking of the tests carried out with animal (macaques monkeys):
“We see that the lung inflamation in the vaccinated and the unvaccinated was the same, based on this they decided that te vaccine was sufficiently efficasious to carry on with the vaccination program! Strange but true!” – Dr. John Campbell

“What this is actually saying, is that, if the animals were vaccinated or not, they still had minimal lung inflamation.” – Dr. John Campbell

“The decision was made with no data, you couldn’t make this up! … They’re not concerned that they don’t know where it’s going or how long it’s lasting for…” – Dr. John Campbell

“If this RNA last for a few hours, as we were originally told, and then this spike protein goes again after a few hours, the damage would probably be minimal, or is it longer than that? Donno mate, sorry, we dont know that! … This is the systemic distribution of the lipid nano particles, it goes basically all around the body, in the blood, brain, eyes, heart, kidneys, large intestines, liver lungs, testes, ovaries, basically it goes all around the body.” – Dr. John Campbell

“And based on that lack of evidence, the vaccines was authorised!” – Dr. John Campbell

The document being referenced by Dr. John Campbell in this episode can be downloaded HERE.