The STATE Threatens And Shuts Down Doctors For Saving The Lives of COVID Patients! Including Threats To Intern Doctors Into Asylems!

Cheap effective treatments such as early use Hydroxchloriquine and Ivermectin are being used to save lives. HOWEVER, the Deep State, Big Pharma and corrupt governments do not want this to happen!


Becuase if low cost safe and effective treatments is shown to be available then the CORRUPT STATE cannot issue Emergency Use Approval for the use of the so called EXPERIMENTAL mRNA Vaccines! Note that the Experimental mRNA, so called ‘vaccines’, actually are NOT vaccines according to the traditional definition! Contrary to what we were all being told, they DO NOT stop transmission, and there does not appear to be any credible independent scientific evidence that they prevent deaths! In fact, in the very limited Pfizer trials, more people died who took the ‘vaccine’ than thos ethat were given the placebo (i.e. did not take the vaccine).

Biden Regime Seeks to Force Life-Saving Doctors into Asylums.
Stew Peters interviews Dr. Meryl Nass.

Meryl Nass is a doctor in Maine. She has twenty-five years of experience. She’s an expert on anthrax, and was a key investigator of a major anthrax outbreak in Rhodesia in the 1970s, which she convincingly argued was the product of biological warfare. But now, the state of Maine says Meryl isn’t even a doctor at all. They’ve stripped her of her license to practice, because she’s been prescribing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to her Covid patients, because she’s criticized vaccinating children while giving Big Pharma blanket immunity for any damages, and because she says Covid-19 vaccines aren’t working with the Omicron variant. Dr. Nass’s clinic has been shut down, and her patients have lost the right to go to her for treatment.

Dr. Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters to discuss the ongoing genocide being carried out in our nations hospitals in the name of Covid.

On most issues, the United Kingdom has been several years ahead of the U.S. in becoming tyrannical and oppressive. Steven Forsyth is a former British Royal Marine Commando. More recently he’s been fighting back against Britain’s lockdown and vaccination tyranny. He recently confronted the police about his own father’s death after getting vaccinated. Steven Forsyth joins us to discuss the British government’s announcement of lifting covid restrictions.

Dr. Anne Corson comes onto the show with a terrifying take that the hospitals ion the US may be intentionally killing off their unvaccinated patients in an effort to rip out their organs to sell and make a massive profit.