“It Was Essentially An Assembly Line to A Body Bag … They BANNED ALL TREATMENTS THAT WORKED” – Nurse Erin Olzewski On The Hospital Mis-treatment of COVID & Non-COVID Patients in New York

Hospitals heavily financially incentivised to mistreat and kill patients!
The EPIC battle between good and evil – “The Great Reset” versus “The Great ReAwakening.”

Hospitals recived the following incentives for each patient admission:

Positive PCR Test: $13,000
(even though a PCR Test CANNOT provide a definitive diagnosis an infectious disease).

Patient placed on a mecanical ventilator: $39,000
Mechanical ventilator are known to cause some 90% mortality, it appears hence the large payment.

Eventual death of the patient: $10,000
Some might call this an final bonus!

Doctors were NOT allowed to administer life saving medication such as the proven Ivermection! Anyone caught doing so would result in the termination of their employment. Instead they were instructed to admininster the killer drug Remdesivir via IV which is known to lead to death. Furthermore, in many states, the State made it difficult for doctors to prescibe and acquire Ivermectin for their patients.