Globalists Bill & Melinda Gates Talk about the Inevitable “Next Pandemic” & can’t Hold Back a Smirk

July 21st, 2020

Bill and Melinda Gates Smirk as Bill Proclaims “So we, you know we’ll have to prepare for the next one, that you know I’d say ah will get attention this time! The smirk on their faces appears to suggest that they are aware of what will be coming!

If COVID is anything to go by,

it appears that the deployment of Monkey Pox has failed, so it likely did not pan-out as they had expected! If COVID-19 was anything to by, it appears it had planned to run for around 3 years or so (and from a post which was on the World Bank website early in the so called pandemic, 7 boosters were planned). So, after Monkey Pox, would the SPARS PANDEMIC then be rolled out? See the below…