Mainstream Media Colluding with FDA, CDC to Cover Up Skyrocketing Deaths From COVID-19 Vaccine – OAN

A One America News (OAN) Report.

“How do they explain the hundreds of fully vaccinated cruise ships coming down with the Fauci flu?”

“Enough of seeing our children die after being forced to take this same poisonous drug that’s making Big Pharma companies like Pfizer and Moderna over a $100 billion a year. Enough is Enough. They can try to cover up their crimes, but the evidence is mounting and they can’t hide i forever. The story that this a pandemic of the unvaccinated is laughable.”

“The German government claim that up to 90% of the infected and dead are unvaccinated. But that was a flat out lie! Because it turns out that the German government was classifying every sick and dying person as unvaccinated regardless of whether they were or not. Same goes for Canada where they claim 60% of the COVID deaths were unvaccinated. But that was a lie too, because in reality, they just classify anyone who got sick or died within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine as unvaccinated. And surprise surprise, our own beloved CDC … pulled the same trick on us. The CDC claimed that anyone that died within 14 days of getting vaccinated is unvaccinated! A Good way to cover up all the people they are murdering, just say they are not vaccinated!”

“Daniel Nagasay, Canadian Doctor for over 15 years was fired for saving the lives of 3 patients with Ivermectin, says this is just the tip of the ice berg! Nagasay says that looking at Pfizer’s own clinical trial data, the number of injuries and deaths from the vaccines are staggering. According to their data, a fully 31% of the people that got the vaccine either died or had permanent disabilities.”

“Even more shocking is what’s happening in the military. Since the armed forces rolled out the vaccine, in one year, cancer rates are up 300% among military members. But that’s not all. Infertility is sky rocketing as well, up 500% in women along with miscarriages which are up another 300%. But those numbers pale in comparison to the rates of clinically diagnosed neurological disorders which went up an astronomical 1000% from 82,000 to nearly 900,000. And that happened in 1 year since the vaccines was introduced.”

“After being ordered by a judge in December, Pfizer released it’s own data which shows that out of 32 known pregnant women who received the vaccine, 28 women experienced feta death and lost their babies.”