“I just want my life back” – 28 year old British woman suffers from episodic paralysis, seizures, dissociative amnesia since receiving Pfizer mRNA injection

This is her life now. She was “promised protection” but now lives with this reality. Katrina wants YOU to share her story because she wants everyone to SEE the risks for themselves.

Katrina Hermez received her first Pfizer mRNA injection on June 27, according to her Instagram page. She only received the shot because she “believed [it] would protect us and the people around us.” Katrina also said the government made everyone believe that it was the correct thing to do. Now she believes the foregoing are “proven lies.”

The adverse reactions started on July 2 with skin rashes and memory fog. Episodic memory loss came next. Katrina recalls taking a walk that day. But after 30 minutes, she had no idea where she was or why she was out walking. She described another episode when she was paying for goods at a shopping center and talking to the cashier. Ten minutes later, she had no idea where she was or who the cashier was. Then she described a conversation with her dad that she could not recall just hours later.

“January 27, 2022by Katharine Jousif, OrganizerI’m hoping to get medical treatment from Dr Mark Ghalili as he specialises with my type of illness from the f-eye-zer / va – injection injury. His medical clinic is called regenerative medicine LA, however as my symptoms worsen each day and the pain is taking over, I don’t know how I will be able to do with a 14 hour flight journey. 
Private health insurance don’t cover past or existing health issues. So to go private here in the UK will cost roughly around the same as Dr Ghalili’s treatments. I have already been seen by a handful of doctors here and neurologists and I have been told that they’ll take my case “slowly but surely” it has already been 6 months and I haven’t gotten anywhere.”

Katrina has a Go Fund Me Page to help her with her medical treatment.