Alex Mitchell Lost His Leg Through Severe Blood Clots After Getting His First AstraZeneca Jab. It Has Been Over A Year And He Has Received No Compensation From The Government – Alex Reports That People Have Lost Their Lives And “No One Has Been Compensated” He Reports He Knows of 78 Families That Have Lost A Loved One And There Has Been No Compensation – GB News’ Dan Wooton Reports

GB News is one of the only TV Channels which actually allows top commentators to speak out on controversial issues without the fear of being cancelled.

“Some of the most cancelled people in the UK by mainstream media (MSM) are those impacted by damage or death from the COVID-19 vaccine, but not on this show.

Some people like my next guest knows only too well about the devastation that they believe to be vaccine damage. Glasgow scaffolder Alex Mitchell had his first AstraZeneca jab on the 20th March 2021, and about 12 days later experienced a sore arm, tiredness and sore calves.

The pain continued and on 4th April he collapsed at home. Alex was taken to hospital where a CT scan confirmed multiple blood clots in his lower abdomen and in both legs. He was rushed into theater where surgeons removed them but sadly amputation was the only option and he lost one of his legs. A tradesman losing a limb has turned his whole life upside down but despicably he hasn’t received compensation for what he’s been though.” – Dan Wooton.