16 year Faith tells her story: “My second Pfizer shot my life has potentially changed forever … Doctors who looked at us as if we were idiots at first because they never suspected that a vaccine could do this”

“My local GP has tried his hardest to help me, but even he has reached his limit o what he can do and I now have to go to Melbourne to get help”.

“I believed that I was doing the right thing in getting the vaccine for the community, for my school mates, for work and for everyone I basically have contact with. But if I had known that I would end up having experiencing terrible terrible pains, sleepless nights, uncontrollable convulsions and blackouts, I probably would have never taken the vaccine. No parent should see a child blacked out on a kitchen floor just because she was about to get a glass of water.”

“I don’t believe that you shouldn’t take the vaccine at all, but I do believe that we should have a choice and should not be pressured into having a vaccine that could potentially do this to you.”