“The Dimming’ Movie” – Climate Change Geo Engineering Program

‘The Dimming’ Movie “Blocking Out The Sun! A Climate Change Geo-Engineering Program To Kill
March. 30, 2023. Medical & Geopolitical News. AndreCorbeil.

The Dimming (Climate Engineering Documentary) Thermal diffusion of CO2 shows it LOSES the energy, absorbed almost instantaneously, leaving NO PLACE, for any kind of storage of thermal energy in the atmosphere! In-fact, sun angle affects ‘BACK-RADIATION’ through water vapor, increasing atmospheric temperature.

The effect of back-radiation through water vapor, is as high as 200 TIMES that of CO2, and works CONVERSELY to CO2. Therefore, CO2 has a negligible effect (if any) on atmospheric temperature and climate…limiting its consumption, will have as negligible of an effect! Existing international law only imposes a few PROCEDURAL DUTIES, on States who are responsible for climate engineering field research…as well as a handful of particular prohibitions, and constraints.

GEOENGINEERING poses a GREATE RISK to humans, and the environment…more than any current law/regulation could curtail…FAR, FAR BEYOND any wishful outcome, associated with manipulating our CLIMATE SYSTEM!

1975 UN General Assembly on “environmental warfare” and “Prohibition of action to influence the environment and climate for military and other hostile purposes…