“We have more children that died from the COVID vaccine than COVID itself” – Collette Martin, Nurse of 17 years.

The video clip features Collette Martin, a practicing nurse who testified before a Louisiana Health and Welfare Committee hearing December 6, 2021. Martin states that she and her colleagues have witnessed “terrifying” reactions to the COVID vaccines among children, including blood clots, heart attacks, encephalopathy and arrhythmias, yet their concerns are simply dismissed.

Among elderly patients, she’s noticed an increase in falls and acute onset of confusion “without any known etiology”. Coworkers are also experiencing side effects, such as vision and cardiovascular problems.

Martin points out that few doctors or nurses are aware of the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) even exists! So vaccine injuries are not being reported. Hospitals are also not gathering data on the COVID vaccine injuries, so no data is available for investigation even if you wanted to.

According to Martin:

“We are not just seeing severe acute reactions with this vaccine, but we have zero idea what any long-term reactions are. Cancers, autoimmune [disorders], infertility. We just don’t know.”

“We are potentially sacrificing our children for fear of MAYBE dying, getting sick of a virus, a virus with a 99% survival rate. As of now, we have more children that died from the COVID vaccine than COVID itself!

“And then, for the Health Department to come out and say the new variant [Omicron] has all the side effects of the vaccine reactions we’re currently seeing, it’s maddening, and I don’t understand why more people don’t see it. I think they do, but they fear speaking out and, even worse, being fired …

Which side of history will you be on? I have to know that this madness will stop.”

Martin also states she believes the hospital treatment protocol is killing COVID patients!

Doctors agree that it’s not working, saying that all we have, but “that’s simply not true,” she says. “It’s just what the CDC will allow us to give!”