“It Was a Warning to Basically Say Do Not Question The Official Government Line” – Top UK News Executive Mark Sharman Speaking About a Chilling Warning from Ofcom (UK’s Communications Regulator)

22 March 2022

GB News (a new platform launched summer 2021), appears to be the Only UK Mainstream TV News Station that Appears to Provide a Balanced View of the ‘Pandemic’ and related news.

“I think that WARNING affected all broadcasters … It created an environment which will lead to the biggest assault on freedom of speed and democracy I’ve seen in my lifetime. And rather than question the government, they became chair leaders for the government.” – Mark Sharman

“Clearly all the way through the pandemic, only one story was given … They really was creators of panic and fear.” – Mark Sharman

“This was a world wide lock-step occurrence and in parallel with the media, you had Big Tech, New Media who were censoring everything.” – Mark Sharman