COVID-19 Shots: “On a Clear And Convincing Basis The Vaccines Are Causing Death” – Dr. Peter McCullough

“I can tell you in a court of law, or an epidemiologist, I’m trained as an epidemiologist, you do the following, it’s called a Bradford Hill Tenets of Causality“.
We would ask:

  1. Is it a big signal? Is it a big deal? YEAH
    Normally 150 deaths across 270 million childs in the United States and here with COVID-19 [injections] alone we’ve got 12,000 Americans … So, it’s a HUGE signal!
  2. Is it biologically plausible? YES
    These are genetic vaccines, they’re installing a genetic code for a lethal Spike Protein! We know the Spike Protein is lethal! That’s shown! So, the answer is YES, we got number 2.
  3. Is it temporally related or does it occur at any old time? NO, I told you, 80% of these deaths are within a week, 50% of the deaths are within 2 days! It’s very tightly related, the deaths that we’re seeing.
  4. Is it internally consistent, are there near misses, are there heart attacks and strokes that could have been fatal or blood cloths but the patients survived? YES, and sadly there are others that don’t [survive], so it’s internally consistent.
  5. Is it externally consistent or generalizable. The answer is YES, the same patterns we’re seeing in the UK Yellow Card System and the same pattern we’re seeing in the EU Eudra System [EU EudraVigilance]. We only have one criteria left to fulfill the case and that is randomized trials!

    We only have one reasonably large randomized trial program where there’s placebo and vaccine and there’s mortality and that’s Pfizer’s program. And the answer is that there’s more deaths in Pfizer than there is in the placebo! So the Bradford Hill Tenets of Causality has been fulfilled on a more probable than not basis and I would probably upgrade that to on a clear and convincing basis, THE VACCINES ARE CAUSING DEATH!

    Dr. Peter McCullough