Robert F. Kennedy Jr: The Dark Secrets of the Childhood Immunization Schedule and the Vaccine Approval Process

Part 1 of 2 – March 11, 2023

American Thought Leaders

“You have scientists who are supposed to be regulators who are actually making money on the product that they’re supposed to be regulating.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the founder and chief legal counsel of Children’s Health Defense and author of “The Real Anthony Fauci,” shares his journey from environmental activist to a fierce critic of the vaccine approval process in this comprehensive two-part interview.

Not a single vaccine on the childhood immunization schedule has been tested against a true saline placebo, he states.

– How did we get to where we are today?

– How is it that the Bill of Rights was essentially suspended during the pandemic?

– And what role did America’s intelligence agencies and military-industrial complex play in all this?