Dr. Yeadon Ex-Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer: On 12 Counts Your Governments Lied to You About COVID

The Dr. Jane Ruby Show.

Dr. Mike Yeadon: On 12 Counts, Your Governments Lied to You About COVID 1.50 minute abstract

1.) It’s not incredibly deadly. The mortality rate is about twice that of influenza.
2.) Not everyone can be infected. At least 30% to 50% of the population has cross-immunity.
3.) It does discriminate. The old are more at risk than the young.
4.) Asymptomatic transmission is a falsehood to promote fear.
5.) The PCR test is NOT a diagnostic tool.
6.) Masks don’t work.
7.) Lockdowns don’t work and cause harm.
8.) It is treatable.
9.) You’re not likely to be reinfected once recovered.
10.) It mutates slowly. No variant is at risk of escaping natural immunity.
11.) The safety of a medical intervention takes precedence over efficacy.
12.) The gene-based “vaccines” are toxic.