Del Draws The Line On Childhood Vaccine Injuries – 1 in 44 Children Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder

CDC website states that vaccines don’t cause autism in children but could not provide without a single scientific study or piece of evidence supporting that asserion!!!

“For the six vaccines [given to young children], no studies have even been done that disconnects them from autism or the corrulation”. Not a single study has been done to disconnect them from childhood autism!

Governor Ron DeSantis’ Vaccine Accountability Roundtable was a groundbreaking moment in the fight for medical freedom. While The HighWire celebrates certain impactful moments from the event, Del takes note of the pro-vaccine sentiment displayed during the forum toward childhood vaccines, and sends a clear message on where The HighWire stands after years of research on Vaccine Safety, Research, and Policy.

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POSTED: December 16, 2022