“The doctors have completely forgotten their legal responsibility as well as their duty, even, under their statutory responsibility issued by the General Medical Council under good medical practice” – Dr Sam White

Corona Investigative Committee Session 85 (31 December 2021)

“What’s happened to me has happened in the UK to other doctors and around the world as well … So this was about making the way safe for other doctors to be able to come forward without fear of these dirty tricks, smear campaign that they instigate, without fear of losing their livelihood, cause many have got families to support. And that started to happen. We’re started to have more doctors come forward talking about what they’ve seen. And nurses and mid wives unfortunately, em as well.”

“And as I say, there was a lot of scheming in the interim period between the first decision to suspend me and then the high court hearing, where appearing here before, and presumably this committee is an international committee, it’s beyond the jurisdiction of the UK as far as I’m aware, and hearing expert testimony from around the world, from doctors, scientists, lawyers, economists, about crimes against humanity essentially.

But the GMC doesn’t care about that. The National Health Service doesn’t care about that.”

“We also now have a criminal investigation instigated here in the UK as of 20th of December [2021].”

UK Police Crime Number: 6029679/21