“For 2 Years We Witnessed The Biggest Disinformation Campaign In The History of Mankind … Everything They Said In The Past Two Years Proved To Be A Huge Lie, And Because They Lied, People Died” – Cristian Terhes MEP

“The third thing that happened last week, on October 13th we discussed in this COVID committee a report released by the European Court of Auditors …. This is a public document and I invite all the journalist and other people to find it online and read it because they will be shocked at what they find in it. And one of the things I found and pretty much shocked me and I quote:

‘By November 2021 the commission had signed 71 billion Euros worth of contracts on behalf of member states to purchase up to 4.6 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses.’

We are 460 million people in the EU, Ursula von der Leyen signed purchasing contracts of 4.6 billion COVID-19 doses of vaccines. When I saw this figure I though I am not seeing clearly. …. That means 10 doses of vaccines for every human being in the European Union!”

“Considering the fact that Ursula von der Leyon LIED and people died, clearly she committed fraud, corruption, she’s in a clear conflict of interest, she must immediately and unconditionally resign from the position as President of the European Commission.” – Cristian Terhes MEP.